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High School Basketball Coach Tells Players He’s Gay, Gets Hugs

Anthony Nicodemo. Photo: Courtesy of Saunders Basketball

Your heartwarming story of the day: Anthony Nicodemo, the head coach for the Saunders High School basketball team in Yonkers, started to think about coming out of the closet after Jason Collins announced that he was gay in April. Last month, the 35-year-old went to an LGBT sports conference where he heard Collins speak firsthand. It was then that, despite his apprehensions about the reaction of his players and the risk of losing his position, Nicodemo resolved to finally come out. At a team meeting yesterday, he told a group of past and present players that he was gay. The players “literally embraced him,” reports Outsports.

They also embraced him, less literally, on Twitter:

High School Coach Comes Out, Gets Hugs