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Stuyvesant High School Politico Already Unbearable

Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty

A spat over a contested vote at (where else?) Stuyvensant High School yielded for the New York Times some amazing quotes, primarily from Jack Cahn, a junior whose election as student body president was overturned by the school’s board of elections because he violated some campaign regulations. Too many posters on a bulletin board, campaign material inside the student union, and negative advertising did Cahn in. But Cahn, who is on a campaign to get reinstated, already has the soundbites of a pro: “Students call me every night, asking me to keep fighting. They’ve compared this to China, Russia, Venezuela,” he told the Times. Why fight this battle anyway? “It’s my obligation toward those who supported me to keep standing up for what’s right. The reason people don’t vote is because they’re disenchanted by the system.” He’s going to fit right in in Washington.

High School Politico Already Unbearable