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The Next IRS ‘Scandal’ Involves Thomas the Tank Engine

Lots of workers have to go through team-building exercises from time to time, ranging from chitchat over complimentary bagels to the G.S.A.’s $822,000 Las Vegas bash last year. The IRS is no different. But in a recent internal audit on those who hold agency-issued credit cards, it identified some “inappropriate” charges in the form of exceedingly lame purchases for team-building events. The forbidden fun includes popcorn, Nerf footballs, and Thomas the Tank Engine party favors. Are our IRS personnel actually children?

Here, the agency’s report compiled a handy list of some purchases deemed “inappropriate:”

Now, not everyone with an IRS credit card used it to buy childhood frippery for meetings. Some of them did honest-to-goodness illicit spending, such as the woman who spent $2,655 on “diet pills, romance novels, steaks and a smartphone, which the report said were falsely categorized as ‘reference books and office supplies,’ ” NBC reports. And of course, a few porn purchases popped up, but the people who held those cards said they had been stolen. But really, any of that would have made for more enjoyable team building exercises than jigsaw puzzles and stove top hats.

IRS ‘Scandal’ Involves Thomas the Tank Engine