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Jack Lew’s Terrible Signature Is Yearning to Break Free

In happier times.

We’ve said before that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s terrible, loopy signature is a national treasure, and that it’s a damned travesty that Lew destroyed the signature by making it (slightly) more legible after he took office.

So it’s some solace that Lew is clearly struggling with his new imprimatur. As the Wall Street Journal’s compilation shows, Lew’s signature went through an initial cleanup phase but has gotten slightly messier with each subsequent iteration. Clearly, this is a man whose loops are straining against their cage of repression, whose beautifully terrible signature is on the cusp of being freed once more. We await the reemergence of the Loopty-Lew and, with it, the fulfillment of a nation’s promise.

Jack Lew’s Terrible Signature Wants to Be Free