Hipster Breakup Dude Is Already Moving In With His New Girlfriend

Last December, Hipster Breakup Dude — a.k.a. Jonathan Mann, a.k.a. Song a Day Mann, a.k.a. “Johnny the Snake” … okay we made that one up — gained worldwide attention for very publicly and musically breaking up with his girlfriend of five years because she didn’t want to have “a couple of babies.” But weep not for Mann: Six months later, he’s already moving in with a new girlfriend, presumably one interested in bearing children eventually. We know this because Mann mentions it in his new song, “Buy My Bed in Brooklyn,” in which Mann attempts to sell his bed. When asked about the speed at which he’s found himself in another serious relationship, Mann told us, “Not getting any younger.”

Hipster Breakup Dude Moving In With Girlfriend