The Rapping ‘Madoff Nephew’ Is Not a Madoff Nephew

Some ridiculous rap videos by a nephew of Bernie Madoff, Stuart Madoff, made their way onto UproxxDealBreakerBuzzfeed, and Complex today. As Dealbreaker notes, “[U]nlike the rest of of the Madoff family, which generally seems to hate the former money manager for ruining their lives/the family name, Stuart ‘Triple’ Madoff appears to still look up to the guy.” 

This might be somewhat surprising and noteworthy if Stuart were actually related to Bernie Madoff. But he’s not. 

In a phone call with Daily Intelligencer, a person close to the Madoff family professed to have never heard of a nephew named Stuart. And “Stuart Madoff” appears to be a kid named Yaakov Levy, according to his Facebook profile:

Stuart” was suspiciously evasive when we asked him to confirm his lineage on Twitter:

It’s safe to say this was all a ruse. He and Madoff have that in common, at least. 

Rapping ‘Madoff Nephew’ Is Not a Madoff Nephew