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Man Allegedy Robs Four Banks, Tries to Run Through Lincoln Tunnel

Have you seen Frank Mione, careening down the streets of Manhattan?

Maverick Madore, 20, is believed to have robbed five banks in his home state of New Hampshire, and on Thursday he tried his luck in New York. Police say Madore robbed four Midtown banks by pretending he had a gun in his pocket, then headed for the Lincoln Tunnel with the cops in pursuit. After his car crashed into a sidewalk barrier on 9th Avenue and 31st Street, Madore started running toward the tunnel, but he never made it to New Jersey. NYPD officers captured him with help from Port Authority Police Officer Josh Maarleveld. “He was ready to check out for the night when he got out of his car and joined the chase,” said a Port Authority spokesman. “He grabbed the suspect right at the mouth of the tunnel.” Police are still searching for suspected accomplice Frank Mione, the world’s worst getaway driver. 

Man Robs Banks, Tries Lincoln Tunnel Escape