Miss Alabama Totally Cool With NSA Spying Because, Um, the Mall

The second-most-nonsensical answer from last night’s Miss USA contest, the winner of which gets to spend more time with Donald Trump, came from masters student Mary Margaret McCord of Alabama, who took on a thorny question about NSA surveillance. “Is this an invasion of privacy or necessary to keep our country safe — why or why not?” asked a judge, with no regard for the English language. If the question was word salad, the answer was filet mignon.

I think the society that we live in today, it’s sad that if we go to the movies, or to the airport, or even to the mall that we have to worry about our safety,” McCord said. “So I would rather someone track my telephone messages and feel safe wherever I go than feel like they’re, um, encroaching on my privacy.” So both, then?

We owe Edward Snowden for this one.

Miss Alabama Totally Cool With NSA Spying: Video