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If Mitt Romney’s Van Is A-Rockin’, It’s Because He Has Lots of Grandkids in There

Sweet ride.

Last week, Mitt Romney arrived unannounced at a Ford dealership in New Hampshire and traded in his “orangey-red” 2005 Mustang convertible, a gift from his wife, for a fifteen-passenger Ford Econoline van, setting the record for the least-cool car swap of all time. 

As is Romney’s wont, though, it’s a perfectly sensible decision. Romney is a 66-year-old, semi-retired grandfather with somewhere between 14 and 72 grandkids, not the wild, devil-may-care 58-year-old governor he once was, and he accepts this. It’s the opposite of a midlife crisis. It’s an end-life orderly transition. 

Mitt Romney Trades Mustang for Van