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New High Line Visitors Prefer Trainspotting to River Viewing

In a New York Times preview of the High Line’s third section, now under construction, people giving tours of the site had insight into what visitors really want to see. It’s not more river views, or the elevated park’s own foliage, but rather the West Side Yard, future site of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project and currently just a regular old storage yard for LIRR trains. “People spend more time looking at the trains than the Hudson,” Friends of the Highline’s Robert Hammond told the Times. “It’s the flow of New York. That’s how people get in and out. It will disappear in a few years.” The Hudson Yards project calls for covering the West Side Yard with a platform. For the sake of the newfound trainspotters out there, let’s hope they finish the High Line before those tracks get covered up.

New High Line Visitors Prefer Trainspotting