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Anthony Weiner Apologizes for Sexting Story That Isn’t Even Out Yet

Anthony Weiner (C) speaks to the media after courting voters outside a Harlem subway station a day after announcing he will enter the New York mayoral race on May 23, 2013 in New York City. Weiner is joining the Democratic race to succeed three-term Mayor Michael Bloomberg after he was forced to resign from Congress in 2011 following the revelation of sexually explicit online behavior.
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This morning, the New York Times pulled an Anthony Weiner–on-Twitter move on a story about Anthony Weiner’s sexting sins, prematurely publishing a story headlined “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers” before pulling it in favor of a “production note.” When the story does come out, according to spoilers lingering on Google, reporter Michael Barbaro will check in with the women at the other end of Weiner’s dirty chats, like Lisa Weiss, the Las Vegas blackjack dealer, who still hears nasty stuff from customers like, “Talk dirty to me. We know you like it.” For these forthcoming revelations, Weiner insists he’s already said he’s sorry.

I’ve apologized for the many lives I’ve turned upside down by my actions,” the mayoral candidate said at a campaign stop today, before attempting to pivot. “I’ve expressed my regrets for that. I think ultimately what this election is going to be about is about the ideas for the middle class and moving us forward and the people who are struggling to make it in the middle class.”

Pushed about the specifics of his apologies to the women, Weiner said, “I have not been in contact except for in very basic ways. But I’m not gonna give any information about any of those contacts. I have said steadfastly that I apologize for the things that I’ve done.” We look forward to the same artful dodge when the article is actually released.

New York Times Prematurely Releases Weiner Story