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NYPD Cracks Down on Underground Subway Partying

The NYPD has taken to scouring the Internet for evidence of criminal acts, and while they’ve mostly focused on busting gang members, the Gothamist post “Photos: Inside An Illegal Party In An Abandoned Subway Station Deep Under NYC” caught their eye for some reason. The Daily News reports that the MTA and NYPD have launched an investigation into a Friday night party held in a section of the Second Ave. subway abandoned in the seventies. Host Jeff Stark, creator of Nonsense NYC, reportedly asked the 150 or so guests not to take photographs or blog about the event to keep it secret, yet Gothamist was invited to cover it and post professional photos.

Apparently the authorities didn’t appreciate the shots of spooky subway revelry. “Trespassing in non-public areas … is a serious crime and has the potential to lead to injury,” said MTA spokesman Charles Seaton. “This incident has been passed on to the NYPD for investigation.” It’s unclear what the consequences might be, but the organizers did warn partygoers that there could be “legal and physical risks.” Gothamist’s John Del Signore said of the underground adventure, “We did what we came to do, and even if I was tackled by the NYPD at the top of the ladder it still would have been worth it.”

NYPD Cracks Down on Second Avenue Subway Party