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Wallenda’s Proposed Skyscraper Walk Won’t Get Off the Ground


Tightrope maniac Nik Wallenda had only just started musing about the idea of conducting his next aerial stroll between the Empire State and Chrysler buildings when New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly shot him down. Metaphorically, of course. “I would say no,” Kelly told the AP. “I think it’s dangerous.” To Wallenda, but also to the people on the ground under him: “Here, there’s thousands of New Yorkers who certainly could be put at risk. So I don’t think it would be wise in this city.” Unlike Philippe Petit, who walked illegally between the Twin Towers, Wallenda said he would only carry out his stunt with the blessing of the law, which he apparently does not have.

Ray Kelly Not Having Wallenda’s Skyscraper Walk