So, Here’s Another Crazy Development in the Rob Ford Crack-Video Story

Nothing to see here — just Rob Ford taking a photo with some of his constituents.

The video of Rob Ford smoking crack may be gone forever. But the tales of the chaos it unleashed are still trickling out. It’s almost too much to summarize, but the gist, via Gawker, is that:

  • Rob Ford frequented a longtime friend’s home known by neighbors for being a hub of drug activity. 
  • The infamous missing crack video was shot at the home on the same day that this photo was taken.
  • After the video’s existence was reported, some henchmen showed up at the home in search of the men who had the video. 
  • One of the henchmen returned a few days later and beat Ford’s friend and his girlfriend with a pipe. 

So, there you go. The story that may or may not be good for Toronto continues. 


Another Crazy Development in the Rob Ford Story