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The One Guy Who Tried to Stop the Crazy Naked Subway Acrobat Was Rewarded With a Free Dinner

When a crazy naked acrobat went on a rampage of violence and gymnastics in a San Francisco BART station last month, only one man actually tried to stop him. Duane Bullard says all of the other bystanders just pulled out their phones, but when Yeiner Perez started attacking people, he had to do something. “I’m thinking of my mom, my sister, my wife and ladies in my church,” he told NBC Bay Area. “It could have been any ladies I know. I want someone to do the same for my family, so I just did what I should be doing — helping.” 

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The NBC interview doesn’t show it for some reason, but Bullard did more than stop Perez from attacking that terrified, shrieking woman. He also stepped in when Perez grabbed a small helpless man, and he even kicked Perez right in the penis at one point, a moment we have captured in this animated GIF (warning: penis):

For putting his own well-being at risk for the safety of his fellow man, Bullard was rewarded with a paid day off and dinner with BART executives, every employee’s dream come true. Perez, meanwhile, may get deported soon back to his native Brazil. 

The Hero Who Fought Crazy Naked Subway Acrobat