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Sandy’s Lingering Wrath to Close R-Train Tunnel for at Least a Year

While most of the city’s subways were up and running a few days after Hurricane Sandy, it took two months to reopen the flooded Montague Tunnel, through which the R rumbles to and from Manhattan, and even that won’t last long. The MTA says it’s going to have to close the tunnel for twelve to fourteen months, starting in August, again separating Manhattan and Brooklyn. “Pretty much anything down there that’s made of metal is rusting,” an MTA official told The Wall Street Journal’s Tedd Mann. “And sooner or later, it has to come out.” They thought about closing the damaged G train tunnel between Brooklyn and Queens for the summer, but decided to just close it for twelve weekends throughout the year (though they’ll probably have to shutter it next summer). At least the A train reaches the Rockaways once more.

Sandy’s Lingering Wrath to Close R-Train Tunnel