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Sarah Palin and Fox News Are Getting Back Together

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate speaks at a
Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

On the same day as one major News Corp. split comes a story of reconciliation within the empire: Fox News announced that Sarah Palin is returning as a contributor, even after a protracted breakup that occasionally got ugly. Palin and Fox CEO Roger Ailes went their separate ways in January, with money as the “major” issue, Gabriel Sherman reported at the time, and neither side all that sad about it. But like restless lovers who were certain there was something better out there only to come up empty and/or unfulfilled, Palin and Ailes are both swallowing their pride to try again.

I’ve had several conversations with Governor Palin in the past few weeks about her rejoining FOX News as a contributor,” Ailes said in a statement. “I have great confidence in her and am pleased that she will once again add her commentary to our programming. I hope she continues to speak her mind.” Palin added, “The power of FOX News is unparalleled.” While Ailes gets his brand-name firecracker and Palin her pulpit, the network is likely offering less than the $1 million-per-year it paid at peak-Palin.

After taking some time for personal growth and reflection, the move makes total sense. They deserve each other.

Sarah Palin, Fox News Are Getting Back Together