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Sean Hannity Wasn’t Quite So Upset About Massive NSA Surveillance When George W. Bush Was President

One of the funny things about polling on the NSA surveillance programs so far is how many Democrats and Republicans switched positions since a similar NSA spying scandal under President Bush in 2006. The two controversies are not quite the same, of course — the NSA under President Bush was engaging in warrantless wiretapping completely free of oversight from the FISA courts. But they’re close enough to make it highly suspect when the percentage of Democrats supporting the NSA’s efforts jumps from 36 percent under Bush to 64 percent under President Obama, while Republican support drops from 75 percent under Bush to 52 percent under Obama. Obviously, partisan biases are playing a role for a lot of people. We’re not at all surprised that Sean Hannity is one of them.

Sean Hannity Flip-Flops on NSA Surveillance