#StandWithWendy Was More Popular Than #StandWithRand

It doesn’t even rhyme, but #StandWithWendy, the Twitter hashtag used to show support for the eleven-hour filibuster carried out by Texas state senator Wendy Davis last night, was even more popular than #StandWithRand, the Twitter hashtag that became a rallying cry for Rand Paul supporters when the Kentucky senator embarked on a thirteen-hour filibuster over drone policy in early March. The graph above, courtesy of Topsy Pro, shows #StandWithWendy just edging out #StandWithRand, even though Davis’s filibuster ended much later in the night. 

At its peak, around 8:59 p.m. EST, #StandWithWendy was receiving 4,835 tweets per minute and more than 125,000 tweets per hour:

#StandWithWendy More Popular Than #StandWithRand