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The Three Worst 911 Operators of the Week

 911 dispatcher Leticia Hernandez works at her station at the new Police building.
Photo: Jebb Harris/The Orange County Register/

3. When a mentally disturbed Brooklyn man told his psychiatrist he may have stabbed someone but wasn’t sure “if it was real or if it was a dream,” the doctor did the right thing and called 911. The dispatcher did not, laughing as she passed on the contents of the call, the Post reports: “This man said that he had a dream that — I can’t even talk right now,” she said, giggling (hear it here). The victim’s body was not found until four days later, and the dispatcher is under investigation.

2. After her boyfriend was robbed at gunpoint, Texas 911 operator April Sims ranted on Facebook: “Black people are outrageous! They are more like animals, they never know how to act, just loud [expletive] Always causing problems … I can count on one hand the black people I know who don’t have [expletive] for brains … I can count on one hand the black people I know who aren’t selfish.” And so on. She was fired but told reporters, “I stand by every word I said. And do not apologize.”

1. Four-year-old Ariel Russo, who was hit by a reckless teenage driver along with her grandmother on the Upper West Side, waited nearly ten minutes for medical attention because of “human error,” the FDNY said today. According to NBC New York, a dispatcher “didn’t see [the call] immediately and left the terminal for a break. Four minutes later, a different operator sat down, saw the call and dispatched the ambulance.” The child died later at the hospital, and “the department is talking to the dispatcher.”

The Three Worst 911 Operators of the Week