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Today Show Cutter Has Harmed Himself in Public Before

Photo: SirAnduck/Twitter

The man who slit his wrists amid the crowd during yesterday’s Today show taping is physically okay, the Daily News reports, but still very upset. Pak Chong Mar, a 75-year-old Queens man, allegedly shouted “The IRS ruined my life!” and “I’m not a freeloader!” before cutting himself until police tackled him. “I had to do something desperate to fight the corruption, fight the IRS,” he told the tabloid from Bellevue Hospital. “I need people to help me fight for justice. If I don’t do something drastic, sooner or later these guys are going to kill me anyway.”

Pak, according to police, has done something this drastic before, back in 1995, using a cleaver “to methodically chop off the pinky, ring finger and middle finger of his left hand — then he tossed each digit into the crowd gathered for the Hong Kong Dragon Board Festival in Flushing.”

He was not arrested yesterday, the Times reports, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Today Show Cutter Blames IRS, Has a History