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Unveiled: The $85 Million Apartment at 15 Central Park West

What does $85 million buy you at 15 Central Park West? Aside from the type of perks most New Yorkers don’t and won’t gain access to, including a private dining room, a library, and an indoor swimming pool, it’s this: 5,800 square feet — the entire floor of one tower — with views that could induce a serious case of the envies (or vertigo).

Apartment 35AB has been on and off the market since 2010 and used to be two separate apartments, but architect Vatche Simonian was called upon to reconfigure it as one. (Nick Stern, son of Robert A.M. Stern, who designed 15 CPW, was the contractor.) It’s also available for rent for $125,000 a month through broker Emily Beare of CORE, who’s repping the property. Word is that there are a number of interested parties circling for either deal, but nothing’s set yet.   

What exactly will its future tenant be getting? Photos available online have been less than fulfilling; all that’s been posted on the web listing is a formidable floor plan and pretty shots of Central Park and the city. Are those the views you’d really have if you were the 15 CPW type? Yes — and then some. See for yourself with pics we took on a recent visit.

Unveiled: The $85 Million Apartment