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Passive-Aggressive Local News Duo Promise They Love Each Other

This epic highlight reel of Philadelphia’s CBS 3 anchor Nicole Brewer continuously side-eyeing meteorologist Carol Erickson has been called a “master class in highly public passive-aggressive behavior” and is a lock for the Local News YouTube Hall of Fame.

But it’s not what it appears, according to someone whose job it is to make sure the station looks good. “This video has been grossly edited out of context,” Joanne Calabria, vice-president of public affairs at CBS, told Daily Intelligencer today. “Their relationship is the opposite of what was manufactured and manipulated by someone. Both Carol and Nicole are professional broadcasters who have great respect for each other and happen to be the closest of colleagues — both inside and outside the office.” To be a fly on the wall at their next recreational hangout! In any case, we report, you decide.

Video: Philly News Anchor Side-eyes Weather Lady