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Anthony Weiner Is Already Over These Mayoral Forums

When pundit Sally Kohn, the moderator of Monday’s Council of Urban Professionals mayoral forum, asked the six candidates in attendance whether they would pledge more City Hall staff diversity than Los Angeles’s 48 percent, “every candidate but Weiner raised a hand.” Anthony Weiner, writes BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer, instead “rolled his eyes at the question and waited for the forum to move on.” The candidate, who has only attended four of these things so far, “looked fidgety and disengaged through much of the back and forth,” reports the Daily News’s Erin Durkin, and Cramer spotted him, “glancing around the room, fiddling with his pen, flipping through his notes, checking his BlackBerry under the table, or looking straight ahead — and not at his fellow candidates.”

When questioned after the event, Weiner flipped the accusation. “I did not look bored. How do you think you looked? You were really bored. Journalist, heal thyself,” he joked with reporters. Asked whether he had the strength to sit through the myriad such forums between now and the election, Weiner responded with an emphatic “no!”

Weiner Is Already Over These Mayoral Forums