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Woman Is Hiding Under a Table Next to President Obama for Some Reason [Updated]

US President Barack Obama (C) talks with Benjamin Gay (L) during a surprise visit to Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe in Boston, MA, June 12, 2013, with US Congressman Ed Markey (R).
Hiding Under a Table Woman hides under a table. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

We don’t know if this woman is just trying to get out of the photo or if she dropped her phone or what. Maybe she’s trying to scare President Obama or steal his wallet. We don’t know, but we’re posting this photo in the hopes that Hiding Under a Table Woman will reveal herself and her intentions and whether she is Overly Attached Girlfriend.  

Obama has no idea that a woman is crouching on the floor four inches from him. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP/Corbis

Update, 9:42 p.m.: Solved!

Woman Hiding Under a Table Next to Obama