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Yes, Cyclists, the Cops Are Giving You More Tickets

A couple get their Citi Bike bicycles from a station near Union Square as the bike sharing system is launched May 27, 2013 in New York. About 330 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn will have thousands of bicycles for rent.
Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images2013 AFP

Anecdotes about an NYPD crackdown on cyclists have been floating around since the start of the Citi Bike program. Actually, they pop up all the time, but Citi Bike gave the New York Daily News impetus to gather some statistics about the tickets cops have been issuing since that program began. As it turns out, those numbers are up, especially in Brooklyn: “In the four Brooklyn precincts with Citi Bike stations, plus three neighboring precincts, the number of tickets handed out soared from 282 to 510 — an 81% increase.” While the two cyclists the Daily News talked to were not Citi Bike riders, the stats do suggest some correlation between the program and increased enforcement. So watch those red lights.

Yes, Cyclists, the Cops Are Giving More Tickets