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Anthony Weiner in New Video: ‘Quit Isn’t the Way We Roll in New York City’

It was once again not a great day to be Anthony Weiner on Tuesday. Sydney Leathers, still milking her fifteen minutes in the spotlight for everything it’s worth, called her former cyber lover a “needy little bitch” on Howard Stern’s radio show, and announced that she’s “planning to do a photo shoot” outside Weiner’s apartment soon. Weiner continued to resist calls to drop out of the mayoral race — including, reportedly, from the Clintons — and faced renewed questions about whether he has actually even stopped sexting people

But he’s staying in the race — that much is clear from the minute-long, direct-to-camera video he released on his website a short time ago. In the video, Weiner references the “rough” campaign and the “embarrassing” revelations about his “private life,” but insists that he won’t quit because there are still important issues to talk about. Huma Abedin does not appear in the video, although a wedding photo appears in the background. 

Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City,” Weiner says. Certainly, if anyone  knows something about not quitting despite everyone else’s expectations, it’s Weiner. 

Anthony Weiner Releases Direct-to-Camera Ad