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Anthony Weiner Lost Count of His Internet Ladies

Photo: Twitter

At a press conference this morning, dangerous Formspring-er Anthony Weiner was asked all about his plan to offer more affordable housing for New York City’s middle class. Ha ha, yeah, right: Facing still more questions about his cybersex paramours, Weiner estimated that his coterie topped out at around ten, but who can say really, you know?

Last night, Weiner’s spokesperson confirmed “that Mr. Weiner engaged in multiple online conversations with multiple women after he resigned from Congress,” and now he puts that number at “I don’t believe more than three,” which calls to mind a scene from American Pie.

Is what you want the names of people?” he wondered. “I refuse to do that.” With more than a month until primary day, someone else may very well handle that part for him.

Anthony Weiner Lost Count of His Internet Ladies