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Assange Caught in the Middle of a Snowden Family Feud

Julian Assange has been blamed for stirring discord among the world’s leaders by tricking Ecuador into issuing a special travel pass for Edward Snowden, and now he’s in trouble for preventing the leaker from speaking with his father. Bruce Fein, an attorney for Lon Snowden, tells the Washington Post that the WikiLeaks founder called him on Saturday and said the Snowdens could talk through an “intermediary.” “We are obviously concerned. If Julian Assange can talk to Edward directly, why can’t his dad?” said Fein. Earlier on Tuesday, Fein and the elder Snowden released an open letter that describes the Moscow airport resident as “a modern day Paul Revere.” Apparently Lon hasn’t considered the possibility that despite his attempts to bond with his son, Edward just doesn’t want to talk with him. It’s easier to blame Assange, the world’s new favorite scapegoat.

Assange in the Middle of a Snowden Family Feud