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Baby Did Not Fall Off Awning

Some thoughtful people prevented an 18-month-old girl from possibly plunging to her death in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn on Friday afternoon. After wriggling past an air conditioner, the baby fell through a second-story window and onto a computer store’s awning, where she unhappily crawled around as onlookers gathered. “She started crying right away,” said Qing Chen, an employee of a pharmacy located across the street. 

After another guy tried and failed to reach her via ladder, Chen entered the building and began knocking on apartment doors until he found the one associated with the toddler. Using the fire escape as a starting point, he jumped onto the roof and pulled the little girl to safety. “I don’t feel good,” said the baby’s grandmother, who was cooking and didn’t notice when her charge escaped. “I watch her all the time.” We hate to say something mean about what is probably a perfectly nice grandma, but someone might want to rethink that arrangement.