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Bed Stuy Quadruple Shooting Kills One, Wounds 13-Year-Old Critically

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Gentrifying Bed Stuy now has apartments going for $1 million, and the house from Spike Lee’s Crooklyn recently sold for $1.7 million, but as a New York Times report on a quadruple shooting there reminds us, parts of the neighborhood are still pretty darned rough. The shooting at the Marcy Houses on Saturday night killed one 18-year-old and wounded three other teenagers, including a 13-year-old still in critical condition. It stemmed from a “dispute between gangs from rival housing projects,” the Times reports. But it’s not clear exactly what that was about: “Such battles between teenagers — which the police say is often over territory and respect rather than drugs or money — account for many of the city’s shootings.” Police have a suspect in mind, but one resident sounded resigned to the repeating violence: “The only thing that changes is the faces.”

Bed Stuy Quadruple Shooting Kills Teen