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Brooke Astor’s Son Is Already Eligible for Release From Prison

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Brooke Astor’s son Anthony Marshall managed to avoid prison for a very long time after his 2009 grand larceny conviction, but he finally started his one- to-three-year term last month. Now, just six weeks later, he’s eligible for release on the grounds that he’s just too sick to do time. The final decision on the 89-year-old Marshall’s fate will come next month, but according to the New York Times, he’s in pretty bad shape: “One of his lawyers, Kenneth E. Warner, said Mr. Marshall could not walk, stand, clean himself or dress himself and had potentially life-threatening swallowing issues.” So after doctors agreed he was way too sick for prison, Department of Corrections and Community Supervision acting commissioner Anthony J. Annucci deemed him eligible for medical parole under the state’s compassionate release law. 

Brooke Astor’s Son Already Eligible for Release