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Frequently Asked Questions About ‘Cubicle Guy’ [Updated]

Photo: jenafriedman/Instagram

Who is Cubicle Guy?

Cubicle Guy is a guy who was peering over the wall of a cubicle directly behind Anthony Weiner at the mayoral candidate’s press conference this evening.

Is “Cubicle Guy” his real name?

No, his real name, according to multiple Twitter reports, is Jeff McKinney. He works at WOR radio in New York.

Is there a video of Cubicle Guy set to light jazz music?


Why was Cubicle Guy peering over the cubicle behind Anthony Weiner?

Nobody knows. 

Can Cubicle Guy see directly into Anthony Weiner’s soul?


Update, 11:07 p.m.: “Cubicle Guy had no idea that he was Cubicle Guy,” says Cubicle Guy, in the third person, in an interview with WCCO radio. “Cubicle Guy was just there, he was taking notes. He was standing behind Anthony Weiner because that was the only available spot to him. Because Cubicle Guy was late getting to the news conference. Not as late, as it turns out, as Anthony Weiner, but that was the only place I could stand.”

Frequently Asked Questions About ‘Cubicle Guy’