Cuomo Unsurprisingly Wins Raft Race Against Bloomberg

By most accounts, the competition between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg as they prepared for a whitewater rafting race Monday was as fierce as anything, with both sides reportedly spending way too much time and energy prepping for what was supposed to be a friendly showdown. On Monday, Cuomo came out the victor, but not by much, according to Politicker: “The final times: 18 minutes and 49 seconds for the mayor’s team; 18 minutes and 31 seconds for the governor, a spokesman for the governor said.” But given that the 71-year-old Bloomberg has sixteen years on Cuomo, and one of Cuomo’s staffers, Secretary to the Governor Larry Schwartz, fell out of the boat on the way down, one wonders if the city can consider this a handicap.

Cuomo Unsurprisingly Wins Raft Race