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Egypt’s Military Gives President 48 Hours to Respond to Protesters, or Else

The protests in Tahrir Square last night. Photo: Xinhua/Li Muzi

Following a day in which millions took to the streets, the Egyptian military has issued an ultimatum to President Mohamed Morsi: Come to some kind of agreement with the protesters within 48 hours, or we’ll impose our own “road map” for political stability. Of course, one of the main things the protesters want is for Morsi to step down. Whether the military will try to kick Morsi out of office if he doesn’t comply is not clear, but, as Foreign Policy points out, the situation is very reminiscent of the events leading up to the end of Hosni Mubarak’s reign in February of 2011. Ominously, though, a Morsi aide warns that the Muslim Brotherhood, which was elected into power, may not “accept its ouster without an all-out battle to defend his democratic victories.”

Egypt’s Military Gives President Ultimatum