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GOP Mayoral Debate Involves ‘Magic Wands,’ Alleged Mob Threats

McDonald (left) and Catsimatidis.

So far, the Republican candidates for mayor have been overshadowed by their Democratic counterparts, but they tried to shake things up during their first televised debate on Wednesday. John Catsimatidis suggested he could put an end to the stop-and-frisk debate with one of his creative proposals. “I don’t understand why some of our police officers don’t have those magic wands, so they don’t have to actually frisk, just like the airports,” he said, referring to handheld metal detectors. However, George McDonald won for zaniest moment of the night by asking if Catsimatidis was threatening him when he said in a recent interview that he would “disappear” from the primary race. “That sounds like a mafia thing, making me disappear,” McDonald told a flabbergasted Catsimatidis. Nice try, but fake mob threats aren’t going to distract anyone from two sex scandal comebacks.

GOP Mayoral Debate: ‘Magic Wands,’ Mob Threats