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Steve King Declares Victory Because People Think He’s Terrible

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) speaks during the DC March for Jobs in Upper Senate Park near Capitol Hill, on July 15, 2013 in Washington, DC. Conservative activists and supporters rallied against the Senate's immigration legislation and the impact illegal immigration has on reduced wages and employment opportunities for some Americans.
Is that sweat? Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Leading Republicans are not happy that extremist Iowa congressman Steve King has been going around claiming that a large portion of illegal immigrants are cantaloupe-calved drug-smugglersJohn Boehner called the remarks “wrong” and “hateful,” while Eric Cantor deemed them “inexcusable.” According to King, such pushback only means that he has “won the debate“:

You know when people attack you — in this business, when you’re in this business, you know that when people attack you, and they call you names, they’re diverting from the topic matter,” King said in a phone interview. “You know they’ve lost the debate when they do that. We’ve talked about it for years. Tom Tancredo and I joked about it that that’s the pattern. When people start calling you names, that’s what confirms you’ve won the debate.”

It’s probably just a coincidence, but people also attack you and call you names when you’re an asshole. 

King Relishes Criticism Over Immigration Remark