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Manhattan Madam Can’t Abide a Spitzer-Comptrolled New York

Kristin Davis on Twitter

The most entertaining detail of Eliot Spitzer’s decision to enter the city’s comptroller race is the fact that it pits him against Kristin Davis, the so-called Manhattan Madam, who supplied call girls to Spitzer before he (and then she) got caught. This race just got very personal for Davis, who is running for the position on the Libertarian ticket. “I can’t let that go,” Davis said, referring to the fact that she did four months in Rikers while Spitzer walked. “Quite frankly, I’m more qualified for comptroller than Eliot Spitzer,” said Davis, who worked for a decade as a senior vice president at a hedge fund. “He disgraced the entire state.” If Spitzer wins, Davis told Politicker she would move out of New York state. But in the meantime, she’s got one thing dead on: “Gosh, it’s going to be a fun race!”

Manhattan Madam Can’t Abide Spitzer’s New York