stand clear of the derailed train

Metro North Is Screwed Again After a Trash-Train Derailment

Metro North commuters on the Hudson line may want to start thinking up their working-from-home excuses now, as a freight train derailment in the Bronx has shut down service in both directions. Ten of the northbound train’s 24 cars went off the rails behind Kennedy High School, near the Spuyten Duyvil station, after the train picked up a load of garbage at Oak Point Yard. “The train is still upright but blocking both tracks that run through the area,” ABC New York reports. Metro North has already started running buses between Marble Hill and Riverdale, in the Bronx, and expects the derailment to affect at least Friday morning’s commute. If the high tensions following the collision on Metro North’s New Haven line in May were any indication, the best course of action may be to avoid the train altogether. Who needs to be commuting in this heat anyway?

Metro North Is Screwed Again After Derailment