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If You’re Going to Drink at TGI Fridays in Jersey, Never Order Neat

A year-long investigation into TGI Fridays in New Jersey allegedly switching low-end booze for the good stuff, for which eight restaurants settled Wednesday for $500,000, was successful even though investigators could only test drinks they ordered neat. “In all, 30 of the 150 samples were not what they purported to be,” the New York Times reports. Which is pretty nervey on the part of the restaurant, considering there’s nothing else in the glass to cover up the off taste of the wrong booze. The lead investigator on the case told the Times, “evidence of the crime is nearly impossible to collect after the fact.” Ordering a drink straight means there’s a chance to test it using one’s own taste buds. But if you’re going to Fridays you’re probably there for some kind of booze milkshake anyway, not fine scotch, so proceed.

Never Order Neat at Jersey TGI Fridays