How Hot Is It in New York Right Now? This Hot.

A man relaxes on a bench near Times Square on July 16, 2013 in New York City. A stifling heat wave has descended upon the New York City region for the week; temperatures are expected to reach into the 100s.
A man who is hot. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

New York. So hot right now, New York. 

Today, in fact, is going to be even hotter than the past few days. The heat index — a measurement that combines temperature with humidity to represent how hot it actually feels — is expected to reach as high as 108 degrees

But when it gets this hot, not even the heat index can tell the whole story. That story can only be told through the strange happenings throughout the city, as reported on Twitter. 

Photo: elliottsailors/Instagram
Photo: fuerivenus/Instagram