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N.Y. Summer Reading List Includes Fitzgerald’s The Great Gypsy and Ornell’s Animal Farm

Photo: Glazer, Eliot

The summer reading list for Long Island’s Hempstead public school district has more than 30 typos and errors, including assignments of Maya Angelou’s I Know Why Caged Birds Sing, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gypsy, Charlotte Bonte’s Jane Eyre, and George Ornell’s Animal Farm. Parents are told, with extra commas and various other crimes against grammar, “In September 2013, your child, should return the completed worksheets, to their teacher for reading credit.” But is our children learning?

It indicates again that a stable administration is absolutely essential for kids to get the kind of education they need,” a representative of the New York State Department of Education’s Board of Regents told Newsday. “Hempstead has not had a stable administration for a long time and the kids are suffering.”

Here’s the full list, from pre-K to “twelve grade”:

Summer Readling List 2013

N.Y. Summer Reading List Has More Than 30 Typos