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Does Anyone Understand Ari Fleischer’s Broccoli Riddle?

President Obama lied to some children today, telling them that his favorite food is broccoli, probably because kids look up to the president and he wants to be a good role model. Former Bush flack Ari Fliescher then tweeted the above tweet, which must be some kind of riddle because we can’t understand it.

The infamous arugula comment (it was in 2007, not 2008) was supposed to demonstrate what an elitist Obama is — real Americans eat “lettuce” that they shoot themselves — but broccoli doesn’t have a reputation as an elitist food, does it? Broccoli is the type of side you get with a baked potato when you order the meatloaf special at the truck stop for $6.

Maybe vegetables in general are elitist now. Maybe Flesicher was just pointing out, non-judgmentally, how much Obama seems to like vegetables. We don’t know. 

Does Anyone Understand Ari Fleischer’s Riddle?