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Hideous Roof Deck Threatens Billionaire’s Penthouse Terrace

Photo: Berthold Trenkel/Berthold Trenkel, 2010

There are few pleasures in summer when the weather wavers between “hot” and “dear Lord my skin is boiling,” but a lovely evening respite high above the city is definitely one of them. That’s what Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor likely had in mind when he sought out an Upper East Side penthouse apartment with a 360-degree terrace. Unfortunately for the Peruvian billionaire, his potential dream of great views, cutoffs, and cheap beer (or whatever the rich people equivalent is) was shared by his fellow one-percent neighbors. The New York Post is reporting the building at 1107 Fifth Ave. wants to cut through the $27.5 million penthouse’s terrace with a staircase that would lead to a roof deck, plans that Pastor is none too pleased with.

Since wealthy men aren’t known for their sharing skills, the South American banking magnate has not only canceled his deal but is also suing the estate of former owner Monique Uzielli — an aristocrat who passed away at 98, having lived in the apartment for 53 years with exclusive access to the terrace and roof — for his deposit back, plus interest, saying the contract of sale he signed last March never closed the deal.

For the record, this isn’t the first time the co-op board has been in the news for sabotaging the sale of Uzielli’s apartment, nor is it the first time there’s been a dispute over this blessed rooftop.

Roof Deck Threatens Billionaire’s Penthouse Roof