Rupert Murdoch Celebrated New News Corp.’s First Day in Style

As of today, News Corp. and 21st Century Fox are officially two separate companies, with Rupert Murdoch’s beloved newspapers and various publishing units pulled away from the richer TV and film side of things. To celebrate, divorcing mogul Rupert Murdoch took out a giant two-page spread in his own Wall Street Journal and his rival New York Times declaring, across the section A centerfold, “Day 1.” While the former was probably on the house, the Times is not cheap: In 2010, the open rate for a full-page black-and-white ad in the paper of record was $174,636. Maybe there’s a deal for two full pages?

Sparing no expense, Murdoch also served mimosas to the important people:

And got himself a new I.D. card:

While the split does mean layoffs at the company, it appears to be better than business as usual for those at the top.

Rupert Murdoch Took Out a Big New York Times Ad