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Edward Snowden Has Overstayed His Welcome in Russia

Russia has been a decent host to Edward Snowden since his surprise arrival in Moscow a couple weeks ago. In addition to allowing the fugitive leaker to take full advantage of the modest amenities available in the Sheremetyevo Airport’s international transit zone, President Vladimir Putin has done him the solid of declining to send him back to the United States. But now that Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia have publicly offered Snowden asylum, Russia is unsubtly encouraging him to couch surf over to South America

Sanctuary for Snowden in Venezuela would be the best decision,” tweeted Russian parliament member Alexei Pushkov on Saturday. “He can’t live at Sheremetyevo.” Just in case the message wasn’t clear enough, Pushkov, who the AP says “often speaks for the Kremlin,” tweeted about the situation again on Sunday: “Venezuela is waiting for an answer from Snowden. This, perhaps, is his last chance to receive political asylum.” Pushkov went on to joke that Snowden “will have to stay and marry Anna Chapman” if he doesn’t accept Venezuela’s invitation. While we know the charming former sleeper agent is open to that possibility, a quickie wedding doesn’t seem to be a viable solution to Snowden’s problems, though we would like to see this story get a new romantic subplot.

Snowden Has Overstayed His Welcome in Russia