Spanish Train Driver Charged With 79 Homicides, Released on Bail

Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

After the driver of the train that crashed in Spain last week told a judge he had been reckless when he allegedly took a curve at more than twice the 49 mph limit, the judge charged him with 79 counts of homicide for each of the people killed in the crash. The driver, Francisco Garzon, is out on bail after the judge, Luis Aláez, took his passport, prohibited from driving trains, and required him to check in with the court weekly. Spanish news media reported he said the train was traveling at about 120 mph, CNN reports. He’s not considered a flight risk, and nobody involved in the case has asked that he go to jail pending his trial. If he’s convicted, he’ll surely face plenty of that.

Spanish Train Driver Charged With 79 Homicides