Eliot Spitzer and Geraldo Rivera Bond Over Embarrassing Behavior

Would-be comptroller and disgraced governor Eliot Spitzer was a guest on Geraldo Rivera’s radio show today, which was appropriate because Rivera sort of disgraced himself over the weekend by tweeting a (since deleted) half-naked selfie in the wee hours of Sunday morning. (Rivera’s entirely unsurprising explanation for his actions: “I’m sitting around, I had a drink, and I had taken that picture on Saturday morning, and I was looking at it and I just said to myself: ‘You know what, I gotta tweet this thing.’ … I look pretty good for a 70-year-old, and I think because I’m so old people will cut me some slack.”) Spitzer used the visit as an opportunity to once again semi-subtly ask voters to accept his apology for patronizing hookers while also comforting his new comrade.

The public will not only forgive you but they will say move on, because — and this is where the reservoir of good will comes from — you have been the journalist who focuses on the tough issues. No one agrees with you all the time ,but I’ve said before, when it comes back to the issue of care for those who are disabled, for the weakest and poorest and most vulnerable in our society, you did something that is so overwhelmingly important that that reservoir of goodwill carried through,” said Spitzer, who seems to have overestimated both the public’s affection for Geraldo and the seriousness of his late-night Internet antics. “I’m in such an odd position commenting on this,” Spitzer mused at one point. And he was right — this was obviously a job for Anthony Weiner.

Spitzer and Rivera Bond Over Bad Behavior