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Spitzer Admits He ‘Failed. Big Time’ in Latest Campaign Ad

Eliot Spitzer’s first campaign ad made no mention of New York’s “old friend” being forced to leave office, but late on Monday he issued the requisite redemption plea in his second TV spot — though, as the Daily News notes, Spitzer never actually apologizes. “Look, I failed. Big time. I hurt a lot of people,” says the former governor in a mock interview. “When you dig yourself a hole you can either lie in it for the rest of your life, or do something positive. That’s why I’m running. 

Spitzer goes on to insinuate that he’s mainly being attacked by those who fear the return of the Sheriff of Wall Street, not average people who prefer that their elected officials refrain from soliciting prostitutes. “If you hear any negative noise out there, and you will, keep in mind where it’s coming from,” says the city comptroller candidate. “Maybe being hated by the Wall Street firms isn’t such a terrible thing.”

Scott Stringer spokesperson Audrey Gelman responded, “Eliot Spitzer’s real failure was a governorship that left Albany more broken than when he arrived. It’s clearer and clearer that for Eliot Spitzer, this campaign is not about the needs and struggles of New York’s middle class – it’s all about Eliot Spitzer.”

Spitzer’s Latest Ad: ‘I Failed. Big Time’