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Spooked Republicans Start Putting Up Money to Defeat Liz Cheney

Photo: Cliff Owen/AP/Corbis

The idea of bad friend and all-around crazy person Liz Cheney in Congress has scared a number of politically active companies and Republican establishment figures into donating to the reelection campaign of Cheney’s opposition, three-term Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi. Politico reviewed the 69-year-old Republican’s second-quarter haul and found that he received a combined $80,500 in donations from PACs associated with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Time Warner Cable, Pfizer, National Retail Federation, the Koch brothers, Representative Mitch McConnell, and Senators Jim Inhofe and Lindsey Graham. A first poll of the state’s voters showed that Cheney is currently losing to Enzi by a significant amount (55 percent to 21 percent), but that doesn’t mean that the Wyoming GOP civil war (or just the Wyoming civil war) predicted by some Republicans isn’t going to happen: Cheney has likely inherited many of her father’s old donors and at least some of his fighting tactics, which means it’s probably only a matter of time before something frightening happens out there.

Spooked GOPers Putting Up Money to Beat Cheney